Selling High End: Hardwood Manufacturers Speak Out

Selling high-end products like hardwood can be very lucrative for dealers.  However, dealers don't sell nearly as much of their high-end lines as they could, so they miss all the additional profits that premium products can generate.  I attended the NWFA Wood Expo and spoke with wood manufacturing leaders on the reasons why dealers don’t [...]

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Customer Service Is King

“*Flooring World,” the employee answering the phone said in a bored tone when I called for an appointment I had with the store owner. This fellow had no enthusiasm in his voice, and his tone suggested that I had interrupted his day.  He obviously didn’t realize—or didn’t care about—the negative impression he was making on [...]

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Why Smart Floor Dealers Still Use Direct Mail

I got a postcard the other day from a company offering their advertising services to help me grow my business.  Nothing unusual about that. Except that it came from Google.  So, here’s one of the largest digital advertising companies on the planet, a company that did $39.12 billion in revenue during the fourth quarter of [...]

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Wow Your Walk-Ins – Part 2 of 2

“If ten people walk into your store, how many wind up buying,” I asked the dealer from Connecticut during a coaching call.   “Around three,” he replied. “That’s a 30% close rate, which means that 70% of your walk-ins are not buying.  Which means 70% the time, energy and money you spend getting people to [...]

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Wow Your Walk-Ins – Part 1 of 2

“The number one reason customers don’t buy is lack of ‘Wow.’  We’re not losing customers to competitors, we’re losing them to other industries,” said Terry Wheat, founder of RFMS.  I was in the audience at Domotex listening to his presentation on selling, and I had to agree.  When a customer walks out without buying and [...]

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How Should I Prioritize My Marketing?

“I want to market my business, but I’m not sure where to start,” the dealer from Arizona told me during a coaching call.“What would you recommend I begin with?” “What are you currently doing?” I replied. “Besides our website, we post pretty regularly on social media, we buy leads from Home Advisor, and we spend [...]

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Are You Answering The Unspoken Question?

“Our close ratio is only 15%,” the dealer from Florida told me.  “Our sales team is wasting a ton of time with people who wind up not buying.” “It sounds like you’re not answering your prospects’ unspoken question,” I replied. “Unspoken question?  What's that?” he asked. When I bring up the unspoken question, most dealers [...]

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Using Technology to Cut Your Work Hours

Overwork is epidemic in our industry.  I’ve been coaching floor dealers since 2007, and when my clients first come to me it’s heartbreakingly common for them to be working nights and weekends, and putting in 50-70 hours per week.  I’ve even encountered a few tortured souls whose average weekly hours on the job were north [...]

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Why You Need A Coach

I’ve been fly fishing for over 25 years. In that time I’ve gotten good at it. However, for years, I stank at nymphing. Nymphing means fishing flies underwater instead of floating them on the surface. If you want to catch a lot of trout consistently, it’s essential to be good at nymphing because trout spend [...]

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Take Customers For Granted and Lose Them To Competitors

“I’m looking for Tupperware containers,” my wife told the retail employee. “Where can I find those?” “Uh…try aisle nine,” replied the employee, who then went back to what she was doing. She couldn’t be bothered to help a customer find what she was asking for. I visited an office supply store recently. The store was [...]

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