The Ultimate Floor Marketing System – Part 1 of 3

In my previous post, I outlined the differences between dealers who are hunters and dealers who are ranchers. Most dealers are hunters, meaning they are transaction-oriented. They spend their time, energy and money hunting down the next customer, bagging it, skinning it. Then they’re off hunting for the next one. Three big problems with customer [...]

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Are You A Hunter Or A Rancher?

“How many of you communicate with your past customers on a monthly basis?” I asked dealers at a Digital Domination Boot Camp I was conducting during the Chicago Floor Covering Association’s annual Product Showcase. No one raised their hand. That is not unusual. I poll most of my audiences with that question, and at most I’ll [...]

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How To Convert More Door Swings Into Sales – Part 2 of 2

In Part 1 of this series, I discussed how you can increase your closed sales ratio simply by maximizing your repeat and referred customers. In this installment, I’m going to explain why having a selling system will also help you increase your closed sales. “We now have a 70% close rate,” Rob, a dealer from [...]

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How To Convert More Door Swings Into Sales – Part 1 of 2

"We’ve been advertising with Angie’s List and Home Advisor, and running Google Adwords."   That's what a dealer from Colorado told me during a consultation. We were meeting because he wanted to discuss additional ways to market his business. “What’s your monthly ad spend for all of those?” I asked. “About $6,000.” “If ten people walk into [...]

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How To Fix Bad Reviews

“I remember this guy,” the dealer from Minnesota told me. I had just pointed out to him that he had a negative review on Google. “He was rude to my staff and made unreasonable demands. When we told him we couldn’t give him what he wanted he left this lousy review!” Many dealers can relate to [...]

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Why Google is King

"I don’t know where to start with my online marketing.” I was on the phone with Brad, a dealer from Texas, and he was explaining that running his business took so much of his time that he felt totally overwhelmed trying to figure out internet marketing.  I’ve heard versions of this lament from many dealers, [...]

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Are You Boring Your Facebook Followers?

The cardinal sin of Facebook marketing — or of any marketing — is to be boring. I’ve evaluated Facebook pages for a lot of flooring dealers, and the majority of the posts I see feature photos of products, or displays, or showrooms. Sorry to break it to you folks, but if you’re making heavy use [...]

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Does Your Website Answer The Unspoken Question?

“You’ve got to remember that every prospect searching online for a flooring store has an unspoken question on her mind: Why should I choose you instead of your competitors?” I told Brad, a dealer from Connecticut for whom I was doing an online marketing assessment. “Wow, I’d never thought of it that way,” he replied. [...]

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How’s Your Online Reputation?

“Jim, I can’t believe this dealer has a higher star rating than us! He operates out of a storage container, and he once pulled a gun on a customer!” I was doing an online marketing assessment for Susan, a dealer from California. At the beginning of our meeting I said, “Susan, let’s walk a mile [...]

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Profitable Facebook Posts

“We paid a company to do Facebook posts for us, and the results have been terrible,” the owner of four flooring stores recently told me. “We’ve pretty much given up on Facebook marketing.” I’ve heard similar comments from dealers frustrated with their results from Facebook marketing. This isn’t because Facebook can’t be very profitable for [...]

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