Meet the dealers who are doubling their income and cutting their work hours in half!

This Dealer Has Transformed His Business and His Life for the Better

“Jim, I’m making more and working less! I used to work ‘dark to dark,’ including weekends. I now take weekends off, and work a lot less during the week. At the same time, my revenue grew by 50% in the first 12 months, and grew by 50% again in the next 12 months. And my margins are at 45%. Your program has changed my life. Thank you!”

~ Craig, Florida

The Neighborhood Advisor was the main strategy Craig used to grow his revenue by 50% two years running!

Customers Demand To Keep Getting The Neighborhood Advisor From Their Floor Dealer

“When my customers move, they call and give me their new address so I can keep sending them the Neighborhood Advisor!”

~ Jimmy, North Carolina

Massive Referral Revenue Generated In One Month

“Soon after joining Flooring Success Systems, I implemented Jim’s Referral Connections program and made an extra $90,463.00 in one month! And I did it during a slow economy!”





~ David, Texas

The Design Audit Makes It Simple And Easy To Train New Sales People!

Daniel (right) is a salesperson for Russ (left), a dealer from Logan, Utah. Daniel had very little experience in the flooring business when he began using the Design Audit. Here’s what he told me:

“I started only six months ago in the flooring business. I’m very green. Before using the Design Audit my residential margins were 30%-35%. It was emotionally stressful. I’d end the day, be totally exhausted, and realize I hadn’t closed any sales. It was discouraging. We’re right down the street from two home stores. People would come in and say, ‘Lowe’s quoted me this price,’ or ‘Home Depot quoted me such and such.’ I was constantly having to compete on price. I started using the Design Audit just a couple of months ago. I closed the first seven out of seven people that I used the Design Audit on. Since then my overall close ratio has averaged 85%. Our residential margins are now averaging 40%.”

I asked Russ how it feels having a system that you can turn over to a totally new, green, never-worked-in-the- ooring-business-before salesperson, and have him immediately begin generating these kinds of margins and close ratios. Here’s what he said:

“To be able to put somebody into a system takes a lot of pressure off of me from needing to teach them everything about how to close a sale. The tools are there for them to be able to do that with the Design Audit. Hiring a new salesperson is always kind of scary. You can bring in a good person, but put them into a bad sales system, and they may not last very long. But you can bring a mediocre person in and put them in the right system, and even they can be successful. We’re also getting higher margins by using the Design Audit. So even though we cut all our advertising, our net profits have literally tripled.”

This Dealer Went From Near Bankruptcy To Opening His Second Store

Before joining Flooring Success Systems Garry from Illinois was on the verge of closing his doors. Within 24 months he had not only turned things around, but he opened his second store. Here’s what he had to say:

“Jim, we are getting ready to hire more office help and 2 more installation crews. We have been booked out with work 3 weeks for the last 4 months. When I look back a year and a half ago wondering how I was going to a afford to pay you to join Flooring Success Systems, WOW what a difference today is. I don’t think I would be in business today if not for all your input and help, keep up the great coaching. Business is going GREAT pro ts and sales are up thanks to you. Just wanted to take a minute out of my busy life to say THANKS!”

~ Garry, Illinois

This Dealer Is Proving You Can Make a Lot of Money AND Have a Great Lifestyle In Flooring!

Jerome, owner of Brownwood Decorating in Texas, is one of my Flooring Success Systems members, and he made an incredible transition in a short period of time. He now has a better business as well as a better life. Jerome had extremely low margins, between 15% and 30% on residential, yet within only three months of joining, he began commanding margins between 45% and 50% on all his residential flooring. Jerome was once a slave to his store, working long hours and never taking weekends off. He now regularly takes four-day weekends, several multi-week vacations each year, even travelling out of the country. While he is away his business continues to run smoothly and make money. He says it’s because of the FSS strategies he has put in place: “That’s what the Design Audit’s for,” Jerome told me. “That’s what all the mail-outs that we do before, during, and after the sale are for, that’s what our checklist is for.”

How’s business now? Jerome is normally booked out for 2-3 months! He considers it “slow” when he’s only booked out for 2 weeks. He now owns seven houses (some for rental income) and another on a lake nearby. All but one are paid off, and he owns his store and warehouse free and clear. By investing the extra profits his business now generates into real estate, Jerome will likely have the option of early retirement if he chooses. Jerome is proving every day that by implementing the right strategies, any dealer can build their Ideal Business and live their Ideal Lifestyle.

Exponential Growth For Floor Dealers

“The techniques that Jim is teaching, and the systems that he’s looking to put in place for the average dealer are sure to work if they’re executed properly. He’s got a great blueprint for people to be much more successful without making a sizeable investment. In our industry there’s a lot of training on product knowledge and salesmanship; there’s a lot of great stuff out there. But what Jim does is take it a step further. He teaches dealers how to take what they’re already doing and get the kind of exponential growth that no one thinks is possible.”

~ Scott Perron, President of 24/7 Floors
(Former President of Big Bob’s Flooring)

“I made an extra $55,000 on one job! And I’m a brand new member! I’m raising all my prices in spite of a slow economy. Man, I had one of those customers, nice lady, sitting on the fence for nearly a year! I sent her your Connect Letter and—thank you very much—a $6,000 job in the win column! (As in win/win.) I am booked 3 weeks out, hired a part-time crew (soon to be full time) just to cover the additional work. Jim, thanks for giving me the spark, programs and coaching to have a way to get the “Ideal Lifestyle” that I thought I could and would have when I opened in 1990. It sure is going to be cool to have time AND money. Not one or the other. God Bless You!”

~ Mark, Illinois (NOTE: Mark sent this in just a few weeks after joining.)

“Jim, I replaced all my advertising with the Neighborhood Advisor and I’m busier than ever. Plus it attracts a higher quality customer. My residential margins are at 45%, and I just did a $120,000 commercial job with 50% margins. When my customers move, they give me their forwarding address so I can keep sending them the Neighborhood Advisor. None of my other advertising did this. Thanks Jim.”

~ Dan, Montana





“Costa Rica! Blended drinks on the beach with my Bride of 25 plus years, Carolyn. We had a blast! Jim, thanks for the motivation to let our store work for us rather than us working for the store.” –

~ Dan



“My sales have doubled and tripled. Thanks, Jim!”

~ Steve, Arizona




“Our Revenue Is Up 79.3% Over Last Year! Thanks, Jim!”

~ Mike, Connecticut