Member Services

As a Flooring Success Systems member you will get the done-for-you marketing services, coaching, and support to grow your flooring business, get more customers, and get off the cash-flow roller coaster.  You will be equipped to take control of your business so you can work the hours YOU choose, take vacations, spend time with your family, and enjoy and awesome lifestyle in flooring!

Our done-for-you marketing services are broken down into the Before, During and After system.  Here’s what that means…

Before, During and After

The Flooring Success System

The first step is BEFORE.  This is what you do to round up new customers before they’ve done business with you.

The second step, DURING,  is what you do during the sales process to close more customers and get higher margins.

AFTER is what you do after the sale to dramatically increase your repeat and referral business.

Done-For-You Marketing


5-Star Review System

We generate an ongoing stream of positive online reviews for you so you can attract the best customers online, create differentiation, and never worry about negative reviews again. You are emailed monthly “reputation reports” showing how many new reviews you’ve received. We set it up and manage it FOR you. 

Consumer Education

Includes our Perfect Floors Guide, which educates prospects on how to choose the right floor dealer (you!), pitfalls to avoid, and why buying on cheap price is a mistake.

We provide you with ads to promote the guide on your website, in your email signature line, and Facebook.  You’ll also receive printed copies to hand out to all prospects.

Facebook Marketing

We set up your Facebook page, or optimize your existing one to attract customers.  We publish three professionally-designed posts per week.  Each post is designed to do one or more of the following:  1) attract new followers, 2) generate engagement, 3) get customers to call or visit your store. All done FOR you.


The Design AuditTM Sales System

Gets you out of the proposal business and into the closed sale business by quickly building trust with new prospects.  It has over 21 trust builders built into it, and covers the entire sales process from the time a prospect steps in your door (or calls), through their visit to your showroom, and through the in-home measure.  You and your sales team get access to our online training where you’ll learn how this process creates instant differentiation, closes more sales, gets you higher margins, and increases the average size of your sales.  Dealers have used this process to quickly get brand new sales people closing customers.


The Neighborhood AdvisorTM past customer marketing system

Communicates with your past customers using a strategic outreach and messaging process that gets you repeat business from customers, and referrals to their friends and family, and lets you sell to them in a competition-free zone. We use two primary tools to accomplish this: The Neighborhood Advisor printed newsletter, which goes out monthly to your past customers, and the e-Neighborhood Advisor email newsletter which goes out weekly. We write the newsletters, customize them for your business, then (after your approval), we print them and send them to your customer list. We do the same for the email newsletters. All done FOR you.

The Referral Connections system

A step-by-step process to turn your currently-booked installations into instant referral business.  Dealers using this system turn one sale into two with no marketing costs! Includes online training for you and your team, and automated follow up marketing to customers referred to your business.

Ideal Business, Ideal Lifestyle Blueprint

A proven game plan that hundreds of dealers have used to take control of their business and get the fantastic life they deserve. It’s a step-by-step process for setting up your business so that it runs without you. You’ll gain the freedom to take every Friday off, work less than 35 hours per week, take 2 months vacation each year, golf 3 times per week, spend as much time with your family as you want, or whatever your ideal lifestyle is. This is the system for setting up your business so that it works for you instead of the other way around. Includes video training and workbook.


You are not alone anymore! If FSS was simply a done-for-you marketing services program, it would be amazing. But we go far beyond that by also providing you with coaching, training, support, and a community dedicated to ensuring your success!

We will come alongside you and hold your hand along each step of your journey towards making more money while working less, and achieving the awesome business and lifestyle that you deserve. Here’s what we’ve put in place to insure you succeed:

  • Monthly “Make More, Work Less” webinars. This is where we keep you on track to make more, work less, and get your life back. We want you to absolutely crush it, so each month you’ll have access to Jim. During each webinar Jim covers a topic dedicated to helping you make more money while working less! You’ll learn sales and marketing strategies, best practices for systemizing your business, delegation, and management so that your business works for you instead of the other way around. You also get to ask Jim questions.
  • MonthlyLive Call-In Days. These are held via teleconference.  I spend the first 15 minutes covering a business-building topic, then I open up the lines for discussion.  You’ll have the opportunity to bring your most vexing business challenges to the table and get feedback from me and top dealers from around the U.S. and Canada.
  • Our team of floor marketing experts. They work behind the scenes making sure that our marketing stays cutting-edge, and is delivering a steady stream of the best customers to you week-in-and-week out.
  • Your personal marketing concierge. When you join you’ll be assigned a marketing concierge who will work with you personally to get our entire system up and running in your business quickly, and manage it once it’s implemented.
  • Member’s Only Website. Includes training videos for the Design Audit and Referral Connections systems so your sales team can be closing more sales and getting more referrals in as little as 30 days. It also includes the 12-Month Transformation Blueprint training. Recordings of the monthly webinars are here in case you can’t attend live. This is a resource you’ll use again and again.
  • Subscription to FSS News. Each week you’ll get our weekly e-letter with articles and tips on making more and working less.  Plus, case studies from real life dealers like you who have stepped off the hamster wheel, and are enjoying a great business and lifestyle.
  • Ideal Business, Ideal Lifestyle newsletter. Each month you’ll get our printed newsletter packed full of business-building information to help you totally dominate your market, and live your ideal lifestyle.


We’re proud to provide members with FREE access to Roomvo, the industry’s leading AR flooring visualizer. Through our partnership, FSS members also get special pricing on premium features for the visualizer to help you elevate your digital game and drive more sales!

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