Jim Augustus Armstrong has dedicated his career to helping floor dealers double their profits and cut their work hours in half. He is the Marketing Mastery columnist for Floor Covering News, and he produces and co-hosts the monthly FCNews Marketing Mastery Webinars. He has also been a featured speaker at Surfaces.

In 2007 he founded Flooring Success Systems, a marketing services and coaching community which equips dealers to double their revenue while cutting their work hours in half.

FSS membership includes coaching & training in the areas of sales, marketing, and dealership transformation. It also includes unconventional, done-for-you marketing services which enable dealers to stop throwing away money on ineffective advertising methods and eliminate selling on cheap-price. The FSS team handles all the back-end production and fulfillment of our marketing services for our members, leaving dealers free to live their ideal lifestyle. These methods are not the typical, copy-cat, “me too” advertising used by many dealers, which is one reason they have produced such amazing results.

Through our multiple, interactive webinars each month, dealers learn strategies to create total differentiation from their competitors, charge premium prices, and explode their profits in any market. They also learn how to take control of their businesses so they have the time and freedom to enjoy a fulfilling life outside their business, take vacations, spend time with family, pursue hobbies, etc.

A central philosophy we teach at FSS is this: The purpose of your business is to fund and facilitate your ideal lifestyle. Many floor dealers have quickly achieved stunning success using our methods. Click here to see their results for yourself.

For information about Jim’s proven, money-making strategies for dealers, order his book by clicking the link below. You can also contact us here.