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About Jim

Jim is the Marketing Mastery columnist for Floor Covering News, and the producer and co-host of the monthly FCNews Marketing Mastery Webinars. He’s been a featured speaker at the TISE events. In 2007, he founded Flooring Success Systems, a marketing services and coaching program for floor dealers. Since then, over 1,867 dealers have relied on him for strategies and training to help them increase revenue and profits, while working fewer hours.

(See the testimonials & case studies.)

Sales & Marketing Training To Help Your Retailers Sell More

We’ll Help You Fill Your Live Speaking Events And Webinars With Excited Flooring Retailers

Be A Hero To Your Flooring Retailers

Are you a distributor, manufacturer, vendor, trade organization, trade show, or other organization serving the flooring industry? I can provide sales and marketing training for your group of flooring retailers to help them dramatically increase their profits and their overall success. I’m available either in person or via webinar.

During my trainings, retailers learn how to create total differentiation from their competitors, charge premium prices, and explode their profits in any market. They also learn how to make their dealerships system-dependent rather than owner-dependent, thus enabling them to achieve higher levels of success, while at the same time having a fulfilling life outside of their business.

Let’s Create a Buzz and Pack Your Next Event!

When you hire me to speak or present a webinar, my team and I can also help market that event. If you choose, we can create the marketing, registration pages, emails, and other promotions to generate excitement with retailers and fill the seats.

Benefits Of Jim’s Sales & Marketing Training

One of the biggest strengths about my training method is that it’s not textbook theory or something I heard in a seminar somewhere. Instead, I give dealers strategies I have been developing and using in my own businesses since 1993. They have been tested, tweaked, adjusted, and proven in hundreds of real-world flooring businesses from across the U.S. and Canada. Retailers walk away from my sessions with actionable, nuts-and-bolts strategies they can use immediately to grow their revenues in the shortest time possible. The results speak for themselves. (See the retailer case studies.)

Another strength I bring to the table is that, unlike many trainers hired for flooring events, I come from inside the flooring industry. My business, Flooring Success Systems, is dedicated solely to serving floor dealers.

Don’t Take MY Word For It!

Check out the dozens of case studies and testimonials. These are real-live dealers who have attended my trainings and implemented the sales and marketing strategies I teach.

I look forward to coming alongside you and helping fill your next event while providing cutting-edge sales and marketing training for your retailers.

Your Partner In Greater Success,

Dealer Success Case Studies

This Dealer Has Transformed His Business and His Life for the Better

“Jim, I’m making more and working less! I used to work ‘dark to dark,’ including weekends. I now take weekends off, and work a lot less during the week. At the same time, my revenue grew by 50% in the first 12 months, and grew by 50% again in the next 12 months. And my margins are at 45%. Your program has changed my life. Thank you!”

~ Craig, Florida

Customers Demand To Keep Getting The Direct-Response Newsletter From Their Floor Dealer

“When my customers move, they call and give me their new address so I can keep sending them The Flooring Success Systems customer newsletter!”

~ Jimmy, North Carolina

This Dealer Went From Near Bankruptcy To Opening His Second Store

Before joining Flooring Success Systems Garry Combs from Illinois was on the verge of closing his doors. Within 24 months he had not only turned things around, but he opened his second store. Here’s what he had to say:

“Jim, we are getting ready to hire more office help and 2 more installation crews. We have been booked out with work 3 weeks for the last 4 months. When I look back a year and a half ago wondering how I was going to a afford to pay you to join Flooring Success Systems, WOW what a difference today is. I don’t think I would be in business today if not for all your input and help, keep up the great coaching. Business is going GREAT profits and sales are up thanks to you. Just wanted to take a minute out of my busy life to say THANKS!”

~ Garry, Illinois

Massive Referral Revenue Generated In One Month

“Soon after joining Flooring Success Systems, I implemented Jim’s Referral Connections program and made an extra $90,463.00 in one month! And I did it during a slow economy!”

~ David, Texas

What Dealers Are Saying About Jim’s Webinar and Live Trainings

“I attended the training you did in Surfaces. Your class was my favorite class out of all the training so I wanted to thank you for the tips and also request the scripts and handouts from the class that you said you would forward to us. Really appreciate it!”
~ Thank you! Sincerely, Micah Watts

“Thanks so much Jim! I appreciate the follow-up email, I got the video and am excited to watch it later today. Great job on the workshop!”
~ Best, Dianne

“Thank you so much. Thanks for teaching us at surfaces. I really enjoyed your presentation.”
~ Thanks Matt

“Thank you so much! I learned a lot from your class and cannot wait to share it with my coworkers!”
~ Catherine

“An Eye-Opener! Learned a lot in a short time, thank you! Can’t wait to put learned skills into practice”
~ Devin Kuzako

“I have listened to multiple webinars by you & your wife. You are a great speaker & I love listening to your content. Great job!”
~ Kevin Johnston

“Great information that will help differentiate me from other stores. Helped change my perspective on the sales process, especially in regards to pricing. Loved the 80/10/10 rule, and 3 steps of negotiations were super helpful.”
~ Dianne Chey

“Excellent Ideas! All strategies 1-3”
~ Thomas Pearson

“Jim is an excellent speaker! Informative and engaging!”
~Mike Houssin

“I thought the strategies were great and I would love to get more details to share with our sta .”
~ Dave Larsen

“I learned so much. I will take one thing at a time. I’m going to start with the Testimonial Book. Thank you!”
~ Matt Lowder

“Motivation to do things different using testimonials in store – us as dealers do not love to ght this battle alone. The box stores aren’t going away. Collectively we can do better!”
~ Paul Case

“Your presentation reminds me that no matter how many years and the number of presentations I have attended I always learn something new or reminds me of something that I learned in the past, and have not been using.”
~ Richard Leming

“Recording Testimonials – Bulletin board w/written testimonials – work w/previous customers – stop catering to “bottom feeders” SEND ME EVERYTHING YOU CAN!!!”
~ Chase Merrell

“Great info & advice that we will implement”
~ Leon Wink

What Industry Leaders Are Saying About Jim Augustus Armstrong

Scott Humphrey
CEO, World Floor Covering Association

“True leadership is found in action. I very much appreciate the leadership shown by Jim Armstrong through his FCNews Marketing Mastery Webinars. We have been blessed to guest several times through different branches of the WFCA. He and his team have handled all of the promotions and set up. The process could not have been easier. If you want the opportunity to partner effortlessly with a leader who is committed to amplifying your voice, you want to partner with Jim!”

~John Mcgrath
Executive Director, INSTALL

“I’ve attended Jim’s webinars, and he is an excellent speaker. There’s a lot of good training out there, but what I appreciate about Jim is he gives flooring retailers strategies that are very practical, and can have a measurable impact if they are implemented. I’ve also been a guest on the Marketing Mastery Webinars that he co-hosts, and he worked very hard to make the event a success. He interviewed me beforehand to get a good grasp of the topic, and provided promotional emails to send to my list, and took care of all the details. I wholeheartedly recommend Jim for speaking and training.”

~Tom Jennings
WFCA, Vice President of Professional Development

“Jim Augustus Armstrong does an excellent job providing flooring retailers with relevant strategies that work. I have found him to be an engaging speaker who cares about helping retailers succeed. Twice I’ve been a guest on the Marketing Mastery Webinars Jim hosts for Floor Covering News. Both events were handled in a very professional manner. I highly recommend Jim to speak at your next event.”

~Dustin Aaronson
Associate Publisher/Co-owner, FCNews

“I have known Jim Augustus Armstrong since 2007 through his partnership with FCNews. He writes our Marketing Mastery column, and he developed and produces our monthly Marketing Mastery Webinars. Our readers appreciate his training because it’s relevant, and they can put his strategies to work immediately in their businesses. Also, Jim and his team do a great job handling all the marketing and promotions for the webinars. If you’re considering hiring Jim to speak, he will do a fantastic job, and bring tremendous value to your attendees. He and his team can also help promote, which is a big plus. Feel free to contact me directly with any questions.”

~Jennifer Hughes
Education Manager, Informa Global Exhibitions (Surfaces)

“Jim Augustus Armstrong has spoken at The International Surface Event for several years. His sessions have been well-attended, and they receive positive comments from attendees. He and his team are very professional and easy to work with. I highly recommend Jim for speaking and training.”


~Robert Varden
Vice President, CFI Division of WFCA

“I’ve attended Jim Augustus Armstrong’s trainings, and he is an engaging speaker, and provides real nuts-and- bolts strategies that oor dealers can incorporate into their businesses easily. I’ve also been a guest speaker on the Marketing Mastery Webinars Jim produces for Floor Covering News. He makes it very convenient for me to participate because he handles all the set up and promotions. I highly recommend Jim for speaking at your events.”