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Why Good Marketing Is Your Solution To The Installation Crisis (part 1 of 2)

On August 23rd I attended the Flooring Installation Taskforce meeting held at the CFI convention in San Antonio.  This meeting was hosted by the Floor Covering Leadership Council to help further the mission of solving the installer shortage.  Robert Varden, head of the CFI, did a fantastic job presenting the challenges, and providing real, actionable [...]

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The Hamster Wheel of Doom

Many dealers are running on a hamster wheel faster and faster, trying to build their businesses. One month you have plenty of customers coming in and enough money to cover costs—some months you have more work than you can handle. But then a month or two later your work slows down. You're stressed about where [...]

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5 Deadly Website Mistakes To Avoid

“What do you think of my website,” a dealer named Bob asked me. I pulled up his site and saw some common mistakes that were costing him thousands of dollars. Let’s review these mistakes and how they can be corrected. Mistake #1: Failure To Differentiate Bob’s site had the name of his business at the [...]

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Creating Differentiation in Your Showroom and Beyond

Every flooring prospect has an unspoken question on their mind: 'Why should I buy from you instead of your competitor?' If you don’t effectively answer this question you wind up losing customers and competing on price. One effective way to answer this question is by creating differentiation, and I spoke with Lindsey Waldrep, VP of [...]

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Get An Unfair Advantage Over Big Box Stores – Part 2

In Get An Unfair Advantage Over Big Box Stores Part 1, I shared how I was on a coaching call with Mark Bouquet, a Flooring Success System member from the Chicago area who said, "We love having Big Box Stores for neighbors. We take a lot of business from them." In this installment, I will share strategies [...]

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Recession Busters For Retailers – Part 2

The dealer who has implemented systems and strategies so he/she can succeed in any economy is in a far stronger position than the dealer who is forced to ride the economic roller coaster. I want you to be in that first group, which is what this series of articles is about. In Part 1 I [...]

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How To Eliminate The “Feast Or Famine” Cycle – Part 3 of 3

“My revenue increased by 50% last year, and this year it increased by another 50%.” Craig Bendele from Florida was speaking to a group of dealers during one of my training webinars, and we were discussing the strategies he used to grow his revenue. (I covered some of those strategies in Part 2 of this series.) [...]

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