The cardinal sin of Facebook marketing — or of any marketing — is to be boring.

I’ve evaluated Facebook pages for a lot of flooring dealers, and the majority of the posts I see feature photos of products, or displays, or showrooms. Sorry to break it to you folks, but if you’re making heavy use of these kinds of posts you’re boring your FB followers! Most of them are scrolling past without a second glance.

You’ve got to remember that the vast majority of your Facebook audience at any given time are there to have fun, to socialize and to be entertained, not to shop for flooring. With this in mind does it make sense to design the majority of your posts to feature flooring products? Of course not.

When it comes to Facebook, “all flooring is all boring.” That is because only a small fraction of your followers need flooring in any given month. If you do nothing but barrage them with photos of flooring products, your posts are irrelevant to the majority of your audience at any given time.

I recommend following the 90/10 formula. 90% of your posts should be fun, informative, entertaining, social-oriented communication, and only 10% of posts should feature flooring products. Doing this keeps your entire audience engaged and paying attention all the time, so when they are ready to buy flooring, they think of you. Let’s look at some simple posts that can make that happen.

Photos Of Customers In Their Homes

Here’s an effective formula for customer photos:

  • Photo of a happy customer standing on their new floors.
  • A caption saying, “Meet our Featured Client of the Week!
  • A short blurb about the customer. Include a mention that she’s standing on her beautiful, new floors.

Tag the customer in the post, so it appears in her timeline, and so her Facebook friends will see it and have the opportunity to engage by liking, commenting and sharing. This kind of post is effective for a number of reasons:

  • It’s very social. Suzy’s friends will see her photo and be compelled to engage.
  • It creates personal connections with your followers.
  • Over and over again Facebookers will see your happy customers interacting with your business in a personal way. That is powerful social proof.

Photos Of Customers In Your Showroom

Follow the same formula as above, except you’re taking a photo of the customer while she’s in your store. You and/or the salesperson who worked with her should stand with her in the picture. That helps create a strong, personal connection with your audience.

Photos Of Events

If you hold Christmas parties, after-hours sales, parking lot bar-b-ques, and other events, have someone take lots of pictures of you and members of your team standing with attendees. Drip these out as posts after the event. Tag the attendees in the photos when possible. Use Facebook Live to do live streaming as you walk around and greet and interact with attendees.

Other Effective Posts

  • Contests
  • Home design or repair tips
  • Inspirational posts
  • An offer for a free report. (e.g. How To Choose A Floor Dealer)

Get creative! As you spend time on Facebook pay attention to which posts get lots of likes and comments. Figure out how to do similar posts for your business page.

By following the 90/10 formula, you’ll keep your audience engaged and paying attention, and when they are ready to buy flooring (or refer someone to a flooring store), you’ll be right there in front of them. That equals total top-of-mind awareness.

If you have any questions, or if you’d like me to evaluate your Facebook page and give you tips on how to improve your results, email me.


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