Adjust Your Mindset To Kick Some Gluteus Maximus-Part II

Greetings Floor Dealers! When the student is ready the teacher will appear Until 1997 I had some very wrong ideas about building a business and building wealth.  I also had a very limited (and inaccurate) view of my own abilities.  Yes, I’d been starting my own businesses since 8th grade, and I’d accomplished some good [...]

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Consumer Awareness Guide

Greetings Floor Dealers! All of your sales and marketing efforts should position you and your sales team as Trusted Advisors.  A Consumer Awareness Guide is a must for your arsenal of “positioning” strategies. This is a tool to educate your clients on how to choose a flooring store, and the ultimate answer they should reach [...]

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Unicycles & Goal Setting

Greetings Floor Dealers! “I want a unicycle for Christmas,” I told my parents. Actually, I probably told them several dozen times.  That’s how it works when you are 11 with no viable means of earning a living.  My friend who lived next door had just gotten a unicycle and was learning to ride it.  It [...]

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Healthy Disdain for Crowd Behavior

Greetings Floor Dealers! How A Healthy Disdain For Crowd Behavior Has Improved My Life I’m not sure when I developed a dislike for following the herd, but I do know this: I didn’t set out to dislike crowd behavior, I’ve just never really cared for it.  I think I’m just contrarian by nature.  If a [...]

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Buy Your Prospect’s Attention

Greetings Floor Dealers! I had just purchased one of Joe Polish’s marketing courses, so when I got a hand-addressed letter from him I opened it right away.  Attached to the top was a crisp, new $1-bill.  Now he REALLY had my attention, and I read the entire letter. Joe bought my undivided attention for $1. [...]

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Bank Names You’ll Never See

Greetings Floor Dealers! I thought we'd have a little fun with this week's blog. Enjoy! 39 Bank Names You’ll Never See 1.    Bank-O-Rama 2.    Fast Times Savings and Trust 3.    Store-Ur-Dough 4.    Safe-T-Bank 5.    Cheap Credit Union 6.    Cash-R-Us 7.    Grab Bag 8.    The Dollar Store 9.    Mo Dough Fo Sho 10.    Jesse James Savings [...]

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Ethical Bribery

Greetings Floor Dealers! A bribe is a charm to the one who gives it; wherever he turns, he succeeds. -Proverbs 17:8 There is an old Japanese proverb that I have lived by for years: “Give the gift before it’s needed.”  Actually, I’m not sure if I’m quoting it correctly, or for that matter if it’s [...]

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Long term lead nurture

Greetings Floor Dealers! Recently a floor dealer who had been on my mailing list for over two years finally joined the Inner Circle Club.  During a private coaching call I quizzed him as to what finally prompted him to take action after all this time.  He said that he had been interested in joining, and [...]

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Jump on joint ventures

Greetings Floor Dealers! Now is a great time to use the Joint Ventures program in my system.   Why?  Because business owners are freaking out!  Even if they are personally doing well, there is so much neurotic negativity in the media, that many are wondering, “Will I be the next one to bite the dust?” Business [...]

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Set yourself apart-part 3—Cook stuff in your store

Greetings Floor Dealers! Cook stuff in your store With the thinning of the herd taking place in all business categories it’s important that you take your customer service “up a notch” to set yourself apart.  It’s appalling how even in the face of bankruptcy, most businesses continue to take the ever-dwindling supply of customers for [...]

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